A Simple Enterprise Architecture Analogy

As an Enterprise Architect (EA) for a large Organization I face the question of what exactly an EA does versus a Solution Architect versus an IT Engineer.  To me the difference comes down to what level of the solution we each deal with. I like to use a travel analogy to explain those levels. I find analogies work well in the IT space because it removes the technical details from the conversation. It allows people to relate to terms that make sense to them. This is intended to be a high-level description of the roles and not a complete view of the solutioning process.

Conceptual Design

Imagine someone wants to get from New York to California. As the EA I sit down with the user to understand why they want to go to California...

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Is Social Media Marketing a Right Fit for Your Business

There has been a lot of news and buzz lately around social media.  Blogging, Youtube, Facebook and Twitter have exploded on the Internet and this craze has brought a lot of questions from my customers about whether or not they should be utilizing these sites for their business marketing.  I give them the full benefit of my years of technical consulting and market analysis capability and respond with the always helpful “it depends” response.  The tools are free so it will cost you nothing to use them but your time.  But make sure you have the time to do it right.  The most valuable asset we small business owners have is our time, so we need to make sure we optimize it with a good return on our investment.

I plan on posting a series of articles in the coming days in techniques I believe...

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Web Designer or Web Developer

When people ask me what I do for a living I tell them I am a web developer. But I also hear the term web designer used a lot as well. So is there really a difference between the two or is it just semantics? There is a distinct difference in my opinion and both serve a very valuable aspect to your successful web site. A web designer is a graphically orientated person who will focus on the look and feel of your web site. They will ensure that the design, layout and, imagery represent your company’s personality. You will hear them use terms like “warmth of colors” and “consistent look and feel”. They will make sure that the key items “stay above the fold”. These are right side of the brain folks who stress the graphical part of your web presence.

We web developers are the progra...

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